Yulex brings non-sensitizing, high performing, 100% plant based, specialty natural rubber materials to consumers and brands.

Yulex’s mission is to protect and improve the health of people and the planet by replacing
petroleum-based and toxic materials with safe, plant-based specialty natural rubber and energy.

Yulex Consumer — For Everything that Touches You

Our consumers value Yulex in everything that touches them. Today, we are bombarded with toxins, estrogen and endocrine mimickers and multiple allergens primarily from fire retardants, synthetic materials and latex allergies. Yulex works on eliminating the toxic load on all of us and on preventing latex allergies. Our products can be used for fabric coatings and multiple foams that can naturally suppress flames, eliminating the need for toxic fire retardants.

Yulex Brands

Yulex collaborates with consumer, medical and industrial market leaders to co-develop finished products made from our materials. Our partner brands value Yulex to bring safer products to their customers. We collaborate with brands that share our same values. Over 40,000 critical products are made from rubber, and are currently made from petroleum-based and toxic materials, including commercial natural rubber that can cause latex allergies. Yulex works to assure availability of safe, clean, plant-based natural rubber through sustainable agriculture and manufacturing.

Jason McCaffrey, Patagonia Surf Director
We’re doing this to try to live up to the second half of our mission … We knew that the perfect world for us was to develop an alternative [to neoprene]. So we started working with Yulex.

Everything that touches you

Yulex Awards

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