Sustainability Commitment

Yulex specialty natural rubber is produced using environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing practices.

All of Yulex’s products are respectful of the environment and sustainabily produced and refined in the United States of America.

The need for reduced dependency on fossil fuels, the increased concern for the environment and the need for domestic economic growth are fueling the demand for sustainable products. Yulex recognizes these global trends and has developed bio-based products to meet the need for energy security and overcome the challenge of oil price volatility while still nurturing a fragile ecosystem.

Assessment and issuance of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certification is conducted by the Rainforest Alliance, who is accredited by the FSC® as a certifying body.

Yulex Pure™ – FSC® Certified Rubber:

  • Grown and harvested sustainably through a certified Carbon Neutral process
  • Irrigated by ambient rainfall
  • The social and economic well being of forest dependent communities are protected
  • Available in uninterrupted supplies
  • Processed with recycled and recharged water supply aquifer during manufacturing


Zero-Waste Processing:

Yulex’s zero-waste integrated biorefinery makes use of every part of the guayule shrub by extracting natural rubber out of the whole plant. The biomass left after the extraction can be used in cogeneration plants, in biofertilizers and garden soil, as well as to create particle board and other materials for the construction industry, thus creating a closed loop system in which the by-products of the natural rubber production go back to nature.

Yulex is currently pursuing the goal of energy independence for its current and future manufacturing facility, and aims to use the biomass it produces to power the plant and go off the grid. We continuously analyze and update lifecycle analysis to reduce our carbon footprint, to minimize input, and to reduce waste further at every step of production. Yulex’s ultimate goal is to reduce and eliminate dependency on petroleum.

Sustainable Sources of Rubber