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At Patagonia, the Bottom Line Includes the Earth

VENTURA, Calif. — Early on a recent Friday, Mitch Taylor, a local surfer, paddled out at County Line Beach off the Pacific Coast Highway near Malibu, wearing a new Patagonia wet suit. After carving a few waist-high waves, he gave it a positive review, pronouncing it indistinguishable from other high-performance gear he had tried.

Arizona company shows off wares at Hill event for ‘bio-based’ products

WASHINGTON – In a crowded hearing room that looked more like a science fair than a congressional event, Phoenix-based Yulex Corp. laid out an unusual assortment of products – a boot, medical supplies, pieces of foam and fabric.

Brands Invest in ‘New Generation of Materials’

From fashion and apparel giants like Kering, Nike and Uniqlo to Silicon Valley start-ups, a wide range of companies are working to develop a new generation of materials in order to enhance the style, performance and sustainability of their products.

Rubber producer Yulex opens biotech center

One of San Diego’s unlikeliest industries, the production of natural rubber, has bounced back into town.

Yulex expands to San Diego

Yulex Corp., a Phoenix-based biomaterials company, is expanding to San Diego. Plans call for buying a greenhouse, laboratory and field operations for its seed crop, said Jeff Martin, co-founder, president and CEO of Yulex.

Yulex Hires Crop Science Leadership Team and Expands to San Diego

San Diego, CA – May 23, 2014 – Yulex Corporation, a biomaterials company, announced today the expansion of its crop science program with the hiring of Eric Mathur as Chief Science Officer and Senior Vice President of Crop Science along with Grant Aldridge as the Vice President of Global Commercial Agriculture Operations. Yulex will expand to San Diego, CA with laboratory, greenhouse and field operations.

Yulex CEO Jeff Martin Named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Finalist

PHOENIX, AZ, May 20, 2104 –Jeff Martin, co-founder and CEO of Yulex, has been named a finalist for the Ernst & Young (EY) Entrepreneur Of The Year 2014 Award in the Mountain Desert region. The awards program recognizes entrepreneurs who demonstrate excellence and extraordinary success in such areas as innovation, financial performance and personal commitment to their businesses and communities.

Tech titan: Jeff Martin of Yulex Corp.

Martin began his career in R&D and moved into executive posts at two major companies that made medical devices and surgical gloves before he co-founded Yulex in 2000. He has helped the company raise $80 million in funding, enabling Yulex to become the first commercial producer of bio-based natural rubber latex in North America.

Jeff Martin to Speak at Biopolymers Symposium 2014 in Philadelphia

Broader market opportunities for biopolymers

Jeff Martin will be a speaker at the upcoming Biopolymers Symposium 2014 in Philadelphia, May 12-13 covering natural, premium biomaterials.

The Biopolymer Symposium recently interviewed Jeff on the development of Yulex BioRubber, Yulex’s collaboration with Patagonia on the first biobased wetsuit and more.

Yulex was founded to commercialize and scale up the production of natural rubber from guayule in the United States and now globally.


Initially, our primary focus was to help people with Type I allergies. Guayule is a plant that has none of the sensitizing antigenic proteins that are inherent in traditional tropical rubber from the rubber tree. The company’s first partner was Ansell Limited. Ansell recognized the need for non-allergenic medical gloves and condoms in the marketplace. Together, we are now developing, medical gloves, personal protective equipment gloves and condoms made from Yulex BioRubber. Yulex became an expert on solving key technological challenges needed to build a platform for production of Yulex BioRubber, including domesticating a wild crop, scaling up the bioprocessing technology from a lab bench to a built-to-scale commercial manufacturing facility, and on adopting guayule’s materials to meet a wide variety of industries. We are now producing guayule biomaterials that provide an alternative to tropical and synthetic rubber medical, consumer and industrial products and offer a source for bioenergy.

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Summit agenda:

Yulex and the art of making treehugger rubber

With a name like “natural” rubber, one might think the stretchy, waterproof stuff would have unassailable green cred. After all, humanity has been harvesting rubber for millennia. The ancient Mayans converted the fluid weeping from Hevea brasiliensis into the world’s first sports balls used in ritual games.