About Patagonia

If not for Patagonia, Yulex would not exist. Together, we created products for a better planet.

Hard to imagine that a new wetsuit could impact the surfing community. Yet alone the planet. But that is exactly what happened in 2016.

It took a commitment to environment, a focus on performance and a heck of a lot technical development. Perseverance paid off.

Two companies, one dedicated to making sustainable foam rubber materials, and one dedicated to high-performance, environmentally-positive outdoor clothing, joined together and created the Yulex/Patagonia wetsuits made from natural rubber harvested from hevea trees grown in Forest Stewardship Council® certified plantations.

At Yulex, we want to pay homage to our genesis. If not for Patagonia, Yulex would not exist. Virtually every new customer that comes to us can be traced back to our successful collaboration. And now have partners and customers across many industries including applications in water and action sports, fashion and apparel, sports medicine, health and wellness and many others.

Thanks, Patagonia. We literally couldn’t have done it without you!

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Snapshots from our Adventure

Photo Credit: Tim Davis