About Us

Engineering high-performance plant-based products for a better planet.

At Yulex, we have a must-do ethos about solving challenging environmental problems including the negative affects synthetic materials have on the planet and people. We focus on the responsible development of processes to create better and safer products.

jeff martin
Jeff Martin, CEO and founder

Our History

Yulex launched its portfolio of sustainable high-performance natural rubber products in 2017 which are based on Hevea brasiliensis, Prior to this, Yulex was the first company to ever commercially produce natural rubber latex in North America. After several years in development with amazing partners, our guayule natural rubber was grown and processed in Arizona with the first products launched by Yulex and Patagonia into the surf industry for wetsuits. Today, the baton has been passed and guayule natural rubber is being scaled up by one of the largest rubber producers in the world for global production and consumption.

Team Yulex has expertise in all areas of natural rubber production including agriculture, materials science and processing, product prototyping, regulatory issues and developing transparent supply chains for our customers.

The company pioneered the introduction of FSC®-certified natural rubber into the supply chain for consumer brands and since 2017, the number of FSC®-certified rubber plantations has grown significantly on a global basis.

Our Locations

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