The Yulex Pure Production Process

The Yulex Pure process is a proprietary purification method that cleans, refines and improves all our natural rubber materials.

Yulex Pure® natural rubber is the only purified natural rubber substantially devoid of impurities and proteins while enhancing safety and performance

The Benefits of Our Purification Process

  • Higher performing with improved elongation and green strength

  • Yulex Pure latex emulsion or Yulex Pure dry solid

  • Odorless and light amber color

  • A sustainable, all-natural and safer alternative to synthetic polymers

  • Effectively removes 99% of the unwanted impurities, excess proteins, odor, and discoloration compared to other commercially available natural rubber sources

  • Yulex Pure protects against Type 1 latex allergies commonly observed with other commercial unpurified hevea rubber

  • Extended storage life