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Do Yulex Prime and Yulex Pure natural rubber emulsion contain water?2020-11-04T08:07:21-08:00

Yes, natural rubber emulsions contain by percentage approximately 60-64% total rubber solids with the remaining percentage being water. In dip forming for example, the mold is coated with a fast-acting coagulant which draws the rubber particles to the surface of the mold where they deposit at a prescribed thickness and firm up. Since the natural rubber emulsion is compounded with additional chemicals and curing agents, the mold is removed from the compound and allowed to air dry in a hot oven which both vulcanizes the rubber by cross-linking and removes residual moisture, creating a molded rubber product.

Can Yulex natrual rubber emulsion be used in place of a water-based synthetic?2020-11-04T08:05:48-08:00

Yes, in most situations Yulex natural rubber emulsion can be used in lace of synthetic water-based elastomers.

What type of manufacturing processes are suitable for Yulex natural rubber emulsion?2020-11-04T08:04:38-08:00

Natural rubber emulsions are generally used to produce thin forms of an elastomer, such as dip formed gloves, condoms, medical and toy balloons, bags, bladders and diaphragms. Natural rubber emulsion can also be used to cast thin sheets of rubber such as those used in the apparel industry, theatrical costumes, medical drapes and dams, exercise bands. Open cell foams are produced by entraining air into a thickened compound of rubber emulsion, then heat cured to retain the cellular structure.

Is Yulex natural rubber emulsion biodegradable?2020-11-04T08:03:32-08:00

Yes, our purified and refined natural rubber will in its raw form biodegrade.

Can Yulex natural rubber solid be ground up and remolded?2020-11-04T08:02:42-08:00

Because Yulex natural rubber solid elastomers are thermoset types, a small portion of vulcanized rubber can be milled exceedingly small and used as a filler. However, the bulk of vulcanized material cannot be reused as the polymer chains are linked permanently.

What is typical curing or vulcanizing agents used with thermoset elastomers?2020-08-26T07:12:18-07:00

The most popular is sulfur-based agents. Accelerators can be used to speed up the process of cross-linking. Peroxide curing systems are available but require different compounding formulation.

Are Yulex Prime and Yulex Pure natural rubber solid biodegradable?2020-11-04T08:01:35-08:00

Yes, the primary polymer will degrade naturally.

What does “no-sensitizing levels of proteins” mean?2020-11-04T07:38:47-08:00

Products made with Yulex Pure® are 99% allergen-free natural rubber delivering added safety.

Is Yulex CC a direct replacement for neoprene?2021-08-17T10:27:06-07:00

Yulex CC  is a direct replacement for neoprene closed cell foam in a wide range of applications.

How is YULEX CC closed cell foam cut and assembled?2021-08-17T10:27:45-07:00

YULEX CC is cut using the same dies, scissors and knives as petroleum-based neoprene. The cut pieces can then be edge glued, sewn and sealed.

Is YULEX OC open cell foam a direct replacement for polyurethane foams?2021-08-17T10:26:32-07:00

YULEX OC open cell foam is a direct replacement for a wide range of open cell polyurethane foams.

Are YULEX closed and open cell foams biodegradable?2021-08-17T10:25:32-07:00

Yes, the  polymers biodegradable.

What is the difference between Yulex Prime and Yulex Pure natural rubber?2020-11-04T08:09:36-08:00

Both Yulex Prime and Yulex Pure are FSC certified but what sets them apart is the purification process. We originally developed Yulex Prime’s purification process to remove 90% of unwanted contamination, proteins and dirt that is left in commercially available crude hevea latex and ordinary baled hard rubber. Always wanting to improve on what we have done in the past, our engineers fine tuned the purification process, upgraded the equipment and then added a unique refinement stage that eliminates 99% of the crude pollutants, minerals and proteins while improving physical properties. Yulex Prime is a great drop-in for footwear, industrial, aviation, automotive and traditional products, while Yulex Pure is ideal for infant and child toys and accessories, pet products, electronic device fashion accessory, apparel, medical devices and thousands of other products.


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