More Applications

Imagine what you can make from Yulex’s high-performance, ultra-pure, plant-based foam and rubber materials.

Automotive, Aviation and Marine: Interior Solutions

  • Interior seating coverings and seating cushions
  • Interior flooring, headliners, door panels and bolster skins
  • Side, roof and flooring insulation
  • Deck equipment bags, gear and accessories
  • Noise, vibration and harshness mitigation and control
  • Vehicle accessory packaging and devices


  • Waterproof gloves and hoods
  • Water bottle wraps and protective sleeves
  • Backpacks and shoulder padding
  • Insulation sleeves and covers
  • Foldable carry bags and slings
  • Surfboard bags

Pet Health

  • Durable chew toys
  • Lighting shirts and anti-stress wraps
  • Harnesses and padding’s
  • Training sleeves and protective apparel
  • Equipment bags and gear
  • Beds, cushions and crate protection and pads
  • Paw shoes and protective gear
  • Grooming accessories

Motion Picture Industry

  • Makeup application accessories
  • Theatrical appliance molds and makeup
  • Stunt apparel and protective clothing, and matting
  • Camera, lens and equipment bags, gear and protective wraps
  • Protective outdoor/location apparel