Why Sustainable Natural Rubber

Better for people and the planet.

Yulex’ understanding is that sustainable products start literally from the ground up and need to sustain those who labor to maintain the rubber crops. This lead Yulex to the Forest Stewardship Council® and the high standards they set for certification of rubber plantations. For example, plantations with this certification have no history of deforestation, abuse of agricultural pesticides or human rights violations. Through Yulex innovation, proprietary methodologies are employed to purify natural rubber after it’s harvested on the plantation. This purified natural rubber latex significantly reduces impurities naturally found in rubber production especially those allergens that cause potential for Type I Latex Allergy. Additionally, Yulex’ proprietary processes remove contaminants that can give natural rubber its bad odor (putrification) and discoloration- a common complaint in many rubber products. We then partner with only FSC®-certified forest plantations to license this Yulex purification technology, which is used on site. The outcome was the introduction of Yulex Pure® natural rubber, the world’s first branded natural rubber which is FSC®-certified and purified.

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Goodbye to Neoprene

How we collect carbon to make rubber-based products can have a tremendous effect on our planet

Neoprene, by nature of its high-energy production, is one of the most environmentally unfriendly materials produced. Traditionally, all neoprene foams are petroleum or limestone based. Energy-intensive and non-renewable synthetic rubber is a significant contributor to climate change.

Yulex has created the world’s first plant-based neoprene replacement, Yulex Pure, with a dramatically reduced carbon footprint to provide an environmentally-responsible alternative to traditionally produced neoprene.

To change the industry, we looked to partner with change- makers like Patagonia, which after years of technical development, resulted in a closed cell foam (made with Yulex Pure natural rubber) which became the first real replacement for the commonly used petroleum-based neoprene. The industry gold-standard for the first neoprene-free wetsuit is co-branded the Patagonia / Yulex wetsuit.

Today, Yulex is totally dedicated to continuing its development of sustainably produced high performance foams for many new engineered applications while expanding global capacity to supply the increasing demand for biobased replacements for petroleum based foams such as neoprene and polyurethane.

Petroluem-based Neoprene

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Limestone-based Geoprene

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Plant-based Yulex Pure

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