Yulex Natural Rubber Emulsion

High-performance, natural rubber emulsion.

Yulex, the only company to source crude rubber latex from FSC®-certified forest plantations, produces Yulex Pure® natural rubber emulsion through our proprietary refinement and purification process. Our products are an excellent choice for environmentally and economically minded companies (brands) looking to incorporate natural, plant-based materials into their products.

Yulex Pure is an excellent choice for products requiring high performing thermoset elastomers such as, medical devices, wound care products, personal products and toys.

Yulex natural rubber emulsion is available in two grades: Yulex Prime (90% purity) and Yulex Pure (99% purity).



  • FSC 100% ensures ongoing sustainability of vital forested lands globally

  • Significantly reduced protein levels improve product safety

  • Purity means a bright white color which reduces extra compound colorants

  • Purity reduces bacterial loading which improves and extends compounded pot-life by 75%

  • Purity eliminates unwanted contaminates which increases elongation, tensile and green strength

  • Purity reduces odor-causing pollutants common in crude hevea rubber


  • Products made by dip molding including balloons, work and utility rubber gloves, medical devices such as condoms, heart and urinary catheters

  • Products made by sheet casting including ultra-thin elastic for clothing apparel, medical drapes, elastic banding

  • Products made by coat forming including flexible tubing and coverings
  • Products made by spray on adhesive and cohesive coatings including bandages, printing paper products, packaging and more

  • Products made with open cell foaming including mattresses, pillows, mattress toppers, seating and cushions, carpet backing, wound-care products and apparel and footwear components

For Manufacturers

If you are a manufacturer and would like to view detailed information including product specifications, data sheets, MSDS and disposal guidelines, please contact us and we will provide information on how to access the appropriate content.


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