Yulex creates plant-based materials with the health of our customers foremost in our mind.


Yulex Pure helps mitigate type 1 latex allergies

Natural rubber comes from the sap of the rubber tree but this harvested latex contains many impurities, including certain proteins, which may cause allergic reactions in certain individuals. The latex is not routinely cleaned when it is in this liquid state although this is the most efficient way to wash or purify latex – not once its coagulated in to solid rubber. The Yulex Pure process washes the latex in its liquid state thus removing over 99% of natural rubber’s impurities, including antigenic proteins from our non-sensitizing, hevea-based specialty natural rubber. Using Yulex Pure natural rubber for all our foams substantially reduces the risk of allergic reactions. Euphoam provides the cleanest and safest foams available.


Yulex eliminates toxic emissions from neoprene plants associated with increased cancer risk

More information on illnesses linked to synthetic neoprene production:, The Guardian, University Network for Human Rights, Waiting to Die report, CBS News

Synthetic rubber production continues to be a major health hazard for the planet and for humans. The chemical chloroprene is a main ingredient in neoprene, a material found in most wetsuits and other consumer products. DuPont opened a chloroprene plant in St. John the Baptist Parish in Louisiana in 1969 and Denka bought the plant from DuPont in 2015. This is the only neoprene manufacturer in the U.S., and, according to the EPA, communities living in the five census tracts of land around the plant have the highest cancer risk in the country. In one tract, the cancer risk to the community is more than 50 times the national average. This area is known as “cancer alley”.

Foam materials made from Yulex Pure do not contain chloroprene or other cancer causing agents. We remain committed to being the best stewards of the environment we can be.