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2704, 2021

Aqualung Launches All New XSCAPE Collection Featuring Eco-Responsible Wetsuit

Featuring a [Yulex] 100 percent neoprene-free wetsuit and a rash guard made from sustainable materials, the XSCAPE line is designed for a variety of water activities and reflects Aqualung’s commitment to innovation, ocean discovery and sustainability. […]

1401, 2020

“People Don’t Know How Bad Neoprene Is”: Meet the Designer Bringing a Sustainable Vision to Surfing

“She [Abigail Lorick] noticed a gap in the market for a ‘by women, for women’ surf brand with a more elevated point of view, one that felt as sophisticated and timeless as the clothes she wore on dry land. The result is […]

1207, 2019

Patagonia’s new natural-rubber wetsuit is the warmest I’ve ever worn, and softer and more flexible than ever

Looking into both environmental and social responsibility, Patagonia, as it stands now, is the only wetsuit manufacturer that is Fair Trade Certified and neoprene-free.

Owen Burke, Business Insider […]

106, 2018